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the restaurant of Margate

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The coastal city Margate, located in the southeastern part of the UK, is traditionally synonymous with summer resorts for English people. Due to the rapid changes in modern transportation, the city is gradually losing its vigour as Britain’s summer resort expands throughout Europe.

In the process of finding the possibility of adding new value to the city, the English breakfast, which is one of the typical traditional foods of England, will be a good match for Margate’s locality.

Teppan-yaki is one of the traditional cooking methods of Japan, and its brilliant performance is the strength of cooking and it is a cooking method to give visitors a pleasant and special experience. In the coastal city of Margate, the island of Europe, the reinterpreted experience of traditional British cuisine, using recipes originating from the islands of the other side of the globe, will be a very special dinner.

The restaurant is divided into two areas: a restaurant and a service area. Each section is divided according to the type of service.

On this stage, the chef is the king of performance. The colorful visual cooking show itself will be a special evening for tourists.

Lightbox on the top of the bar is also a ventilator to absolve oily air directly. Spotlights from the centre ceiling box add more dramatic effects on cooking show.

The kitchen offers a new approach to authentic British cuisine for visitors who want a special experience. The reason people go to Margate is no longer just to enjoy summer vacation. Due to the changes in the travel paradigm, today’s margate requires special reasons to go there.


The show in the kitchen will be a fun part of Margate. The special experience you can enjoy here, rather than just a nice dinner, can be a good reason to visit the area. All the ingredients are supplied from local producers, and the sausage made from the locality of the coastal city will add a visual effect to the restaurant.