less for more


An only furniture that gives all features of a single life. Because of the high-rise of the rent in major cities in the world, there is no space to live for students, young people. People live in the room instead of the house. Therefore, the primary of the project is, give more space to the people with minimalist functions to live.


for an IKEA & TOM DIXON platform furniture DELAKTIG

Ikea & Tom Dixon created a collaborative project couch DELAKTIG as part of a feasibility study as a platform for furniture. The sofa has a frame with a rail-structured system and the modular size, which has the potential to transform or add more functionality.

MINDRE TIL MER denies the existence of other furniture for a more comfortable living environment and implements the minimal functions necessary for living in one platform.

Add-ons using the frame’s rail system maximize the possibilities of one unit.

Beyond a collection of simple functions, MINDRE TIL MER focuses on detail for the possibility of the next level considering actual use. It is a simple and neat sheet installation/removal, extra bed and chairs for visitors, consideration of the seating position difference between the sofa and the chair, and consideration of the environment that can not nail the wall.