Urban Playground

wild in the city


Wellness means: energy and vitality, efficiency in any situation, feeling at ease with ourselves and others. The wellness gym is a space that focused on finding high quality, innovative and engaging solutions to helping people achieve wellness.

Technogym is not just an Italian luxury fitness equipment maker. They are also the world’s leading wellness companies. Their first fitness club should be a space that materializes their aim of the wellness.

An Urban playground has made by creating scenarios by combining urban and playground inspirations. Playground gym and supportive services, urban languages and playground languages, playful experiences and gym exercises.

Solid supportive services building façade with cutout windows to give action glimpses to the city. Dynamic playground circulation happens in the iconic pure glass architectural cube.

Transparent playground building façade to have physical, visual and sensational connections between indoor and outdoor. Layers of the exercising levels inspired by the multiple skylines of the city. Applying equipment and playful exercises in a homogeneous way to create social & engaging ambience.