Wearable Shelter

wearable shelter for refugees

walking alinve


The wearable cloak is based on the concept using one piece of material to make a combination of different functions. The idea comes from a real story told by a Syrian refugee, which those could only carry one bag with them when they leave. Therefore, our group decided to help the refugees from the beginning of their journey till they reach their destination.


Shortlisted at WALLPAPER*  Wearable shelter project

Tyvek is a suitable material to protect users from harsh external environments. It is strong against pollution, waterproof, air permeable, light and not torn.

Tyvek shelter folded by origami structure can be worn and can be extended by connecting with zipper, and can be used as bivouac shelter by using rings and straps.

This structure should be able to transform into several different forms, for example, enlarging, shrinking and it is also foldable into small shapes in order to satisfy different situations.

While they are crossing the sea, marching in the rain, or even sleeping on the street in a city, this wearable shelter could supply a protect and support their lives during their hard days.