Type : Interior / Hair Salon
Location : Seogyo-dong, Mapho-gu, Seoul
Area : 47 sqm
Material : paint, terracoat, mirror, stainless steel, tile
For the : space that branding a persona


Today's consumers place more importance on expressing their individuality and style than in the past. ACTI, as a partner that respects the individuality of its customers and uncovers and manages that value to brand each person, goes beyond providing simple beauty services. It meticulously analyzes each customer's appearance, style preferences, and daily needs to propose personalized styles and realizes them with delicate sense and technique.

The space features a glass facade that allows ample natural light to flow in. This light is scattered by finely divided mirrors, creating various layers of light patterns. These light patterns contrast with shadows, adding depth and dimension to surfaces, infusing the space with vitality. Such lighting effects reflect the brand's aspirations within the space.

Stainless steel of various shapes and finishes diffuses light, layering light fragments of different forms and intensities on the surface of objects, thereby adding texture to the light. The images formed on distorted surfaces create dynamic changes through reflections, imbuing the space with liveliness.

Sky-blue moon-shaped partition walls partially close off spaces to ensure privacy while demarcating areas according to function. These objects create volume in the space while ensuring visual openness. Their contrasting form and color efficiently expose the brand's image externally.

The brand color, sky blue, is completed with its unique texture and pattern through repeated handcrafting processes and applied throughout the space. The three-dimensional expression of the brand color, completed through repetitive manual work, enriches the space while conveying the craftsmanship that the brand pursues.

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