Director  Hoon.Lee 이경훈

                Royal College of Art, London, Interior Design, MA
                (Head of Programme Prize, Shortlisted)
                Instituto Europeo di Design, Milan, Interior Design, MPA(
                (2nd Chair Graduated)
                Kyunghee Univ., Seoul/Suwon, Interior Design/Architecture, BA

                MMCA Korea 국립현대미술관 artist in residency, Chang-dong, 2018

                Battersea Sculpture Prize, 2017, Shortlist
                WALLPAPER*  Wearable shelter project, 2015, Shortlist

Field Manager  Joon H. Cho
                          Baek H. Yu
Designer          Soo Y. Kang
Assistant         Sik Y. Sam

Cooperating project with Heung. Pj (Furniture)
                                           M+m Design (Contents & Exhibition Design) 


서울 강남구 청담동 22-22 1층 스튜디오훈 
1F, 22-22 Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
T +82 10 7507 2634