Type : Interior / Office
Location : Seosomun-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul
Area : 400 sqm
Material : dichroic film, glass, paint, terracoat, punching metal
For the : creative workers


As social media continues to evolve, a variety of influencers have emerged, playing a crucial role in brand promotion. BRANDAZINE is a platform designed to facilitate seamless connections between brands and influencers in response to these market changes. The new BRANDAZINE office embodies the brand's core values of connection, communication, and diversity, creating a sculptural space.

BRANDAZINE pursues beauty through simplicity, minimizing unnecessary decorations and elements. The use of mirrors and glass in complex and overlapping ways breaks down visual boundaries, enhancing spatial connectivity.

The stepped lounge utilizes vertical space to increase efficiency, creating relational comfort and diversity through various levels. The open spaces in the lounge infuse vitality into the area with their potential for diverse uses. The linear and orderly arrangement of furniture provides structure and order within the variety of materials and forms.

Fixtures made from perforated panels emphasize human movement, adding vibrancy to the space. Mirrors made from dichroic film process light into a variety of spectrums depending on the angle, adding brilliance to the environment.

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