Hoon.lee, the founding director of Studiohoon, holds Master degrees in Interior design from Royal College of Art(RCA) in London and Instituto Europeo di Design(IED) in Milan. And he holds Bachelor degrees in Architecture Engineering and Housing & Interior design from Kyunghee University in Korea.


His primary career is built up as an interior designer, but his work area includes art and product design as well. As the interior design director, his main areas of work are commercial, educational, and medical. Also, he is registered as an artist in Changdong Residency of the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art(MMCA), Korea and has been working as a product designer and a contemporary artist.


This is an interior design team that actively challenges and experiment creatively. Our design experiments are aimed at active communication between space and human being. We approach it variously through a material experiment and a contextual approach to space.